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Improving Usability Practices in a User Hostile Organization

Being a web application developer, I make user interfaces—a lot. Years ago, after I was comfortable in my knowledge of how to build UIs, I began wondering how should I build UIs. Sure, I could easily recognize someone else's bad UI. If I was confused, frustrated, or failed to complete my task, then it was a bad UI. But when it is your own work, you know too much about how it should work to be able to recognize what is confusing to a new user. I was determined to find a way to get the raw feedback I needed to build the best human-to-computer interfaces as I could.

Reddit Hotness Algorithm in SQL

An important feature of content aggregators is ordering so the best articles are at the top of the page. Algorithms to accomplish this don't require math any more complex than what you learned in high-school algebra. To demonstrate, I will walk through the basics of "hotness" ranking and demonstrate one implementation using SQL.