Creating Maintainable Web Apps Without Frameworks

Why RESTful MVC?

Then you should check out RESTful MVC.

What if I told you…

You don't need a framework.

You can create web more maintainable, more powerful web applications faster if you follow RESTful MVC practices.

Ajax for Everything

Ajax should be the main technique used to connect client code with server code. Combining document fragments should be done using server-side includes.

Truly RESTful Web services

The web services called by Ajax must have the 4 RESTful interface constraints. They must use clearly separate mechanisms for identification and manipulation. They should return descriptive error (and success) messages. They should be fully usable from any browser.

No Server Pages

<% Thou shalt not combine server-side code and HTML with server pages tags. %>

Ignorance Is Not a Virtue

Some development tools sell themselves as a shortcut around understanding the underlying technology. Don't give in to the quick and easy path. That leads to the dark side.

Let Each Language Do What it Does Best

Keep style information in CSS, data in the database, UI in the HTML, etc.

Less Code is Better Than More Code

Only use libraries if they provide significant value. Only include code in a document or server script if it is useful in that specific document or server script. HTML documents should be mostly content with as little markup as necssary.